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SmartVestor Pro

Serving clients as an investment professional, one of our firm’s founders, David Bethel, is a SmartVestor Pro, recommended by Dave Ramsey and the Ramsey Solutions organization to help with your retirement, college savings, and other investments. The SmartVestor program is a network of endorsed professionals who are held accountable by members of Dave’s team and customer reviews. In today’s world, it has become increasingly complicated to find trustworthy and competent investment advisors. There are too many unfulfilled promises. Dave wanted his fans and others to be able to find an accomplished professional they can trust – a professional who gives the same helpful advice that Dave provides on his show.

In order to become a SmartVestor Pro, the individual needs to share the same philosophy as Dave. He believes that SmartVestor Pro's need to be forthright and honest and share a similar investment attitude. The screening process to become a SmartVestor Pro is also very meticulous and ongoing requirements have to be maintained. They ensure SmartVestor Pro's have the heart of a teacher and that they truly enjoy helping clients pursue their financial goals.

As a SmartVestor Pro, David is committed to meeting a high standard of excellence and takes the time to listen to clients’ needs and design strategies that aim to help clients save money and reduce debt. He seeks to fit a client’s investments into their life, consider tax implications, inform clients on changes in legislation, and educate his clients so they’ll understand their investments.

For more information on Dave Ramsey and his investment philosophy, visit Dave Ramsey’s website.

*SmartVestor Pro's apply for membership and are selected based on a set of criteria such as experience and customer service. Once selected, SmartVestor Pro's pay a fee to cover website maintenance and employment costs. Inclusion as a SmartVestor Pro does not qualify a financial professional to provide investment recommendations or advice. Financial Planners of Missouri and the SmartVestor program are separate and unrelated companies.