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Eldercare Financial Planning

Many families that have spent a lifetime building up assets don’t want to see an unfortunate health event late in life drain all of those assets. In fact, late in life many families are focused on preserving their assets. Don Quante’s book, Don’t Go Broke in a Nursing Home*, was the inspiration for our focus in this area. We have spent a lot of time with Don and his team so that we can be as helpful as possible to these families.

We talk to many families about pre-planning strategies including creative strategies to protect themselves for long-term care. Sometimes we help families with crisis planning, when a family member is heading to or just went in to a nursing home. At that time we educate the family about Medicaid and VA benefits and whether or not they might be able to qualify. This education process helps families understand their options so that they feel comfortable with the decisions they will face.

If you are thinking about protecting your assets from depletion due to future health concerns or have a family member that is dealing with this, please contact our office to learn how to receive a free copy of Don’s book!