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Social Security Timing

At Financial Planners of Missouri, we provide assistance to individuals and couples that are making the decision to begin social security. This decision may be the most important decision of your retirement. We believe that one should be well informed to make this decision. For instance, if you are single and deciding if you should begin social security, a simple break-even analysis will usually give you the correct answer; whether to start early or wait. For married couples, a simple break-even analysis may give you the wrong evaluation, costing you benefit dollars. Why? Because Social Security offers three distinct benefits for married people: 

  1. Retired Worker Benefit, 
  2. Spousal Benefit, and a 
  3. Survivor Benefit.

Virtually all of the simple break-even calculators in use today ignore the Spousal and Survivor benefits. During a complimentary consultation, we help you understand the choices that you have and help you identify the best alternative for you, your family, and your situation.